The benefits of the bubbles and massages on offer in our water park at Le Dauphin

Les bienfaits des bulles et des massages de l’espace aquatique du Dauphin

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget that Relaxation gives us what we need to recharge our batteries and the most sensitive parts of our bodies.
Pressure and stress in our daily lives builds up, often without us realising it, from a variety of sources: both body and mind feel the effects.

That’s why, treating yourself to a time away when you can relax and enjoy experiences and treatments, just for your pleasure and well being, is an ideal way to bring back a sense of calm and get yourself back in shape.

It’s that time of year to let go of your worries and put yourself first!

camping Le Dauphin allows you to choose what gives you pleasure within a pleasant, landscaped environment in Argelès sur Mer.

Whirlpools giving stimulating sensations

Hydro massage benches to relax your muscles and the tense zones within your body

Revitalising effects of swimming counter-current and aquagym sessions

Cervical massage fountains offer further bonuses

The Summer season ‘Well-Being Area’ for relaxing massage sessions

The water park at camping le Dauphin with its one thousand and one bubbles during the evening under the starlit summer sky, memorable moments………all there to give you the feel good factor!

Le Dauphin and you, your chance to relax in complete freedom!

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