‘Glamping’ at Le Dauphin gets a thumbs up from the press !

On June 30th 2019, the weekly magazine “Midi, ma region et mes envies” (The Midi – my region and what I long to do” dedicated a complete article on the recent and current trend for Glamping – the idea of hotel style holidays in the open air. Le Dauphin featured in this.  Tourist jargon uses the term “glamping” – mixing the two words glamour and camping to draw attention to holidaying with style but also with simplicity. 

Essentially, what Camping Le Dauphin offers to the tourist with regard to this concept of “glamping”, is something out of the ordinary, an unusual stye of accommodation but also, and above all, a level of comfort provided ( top of the range accommodation, quality service, beauty of the natural environment…….)


It’s above all, a change of scenery, of surroundings, that those who “glamp” are looking for – searching for unusual expriences, calm, a return to nature, “glampers” want, at the same time, to avoid the phenomena of the crowd, to reconnect with the natural world, to bring light into their world, which they do here, at Le Dauphin.

The 5* Le Dauphin, at Argelès sur Mer, leading the way in the glamping domain, has, from its inception in the 1970s, committed itself to respecting the environment and creating harmony with nature and its surroundings. Clearly, ahead of its time, for glamping has only seen growing  interest from the beginning of 2010, some 40 years later.

Paul’s passion for plants and vegetation is evident in the values embodied at Le Dauphin, with Nature “doing you good simply by being there”.

Today, those businesses which offer hotel service in the open air, (glamping) commit themselves to aim for durable living with regard to their activity, favour ecotourism and the protection of the environment. We talk therefore of ecocamping.

In this very positive, recently published article, the author values the energy Le Dauphin commits to taking care of the natural environment and improving it daily, its standing as a 5* classified site. Le Dauphin respects the environment, celebrates it in offering clients quality accommodation, a rich array of activities, accompanied walks, magnificent flower filled gardens to facilitate you to reconnect with nature and take care of yourself.

camping argeles végétation le dauphin

In regard to respect, sharing and communicating with nature throughout the site, Le Dauphin offers its’ clients a variety of ways to partake in this task.

Our 5* campsite has provided accommodation using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials, gardens planted with care and taste, a botanical trail, a kitchen garden and numerous different plants throughout the whole 8,5 hectare site, with measures put in place to limit the need for excessive watering. Visitors use low energy lighting, water economising taps and benefit from energy saving public lighting throughout the site.

camping-argeles-mobil home-haut de gamme-le dauphin-suite garden 02 (2)

If you are already familiar with this concept, are a lover of nature or if you would like to discover along with us the pleasure of ‘glamping’, take advantage of this new style of tourism which combines well being, relaxing and being immersed in nature, by coming for a stay here at the heart of a well cared for environment which can offer great activities and will do you good!

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