They talk about our Camping in Argelès-sur-mer (66) : The new cottage area of Le Dauphin camping.

Interview de Paul Bessoles dans  l’Officiel des terrains de camping

The camping pitch officiel magazine has made an article on the cottage area and interviewed our director, Paul Bessoles.

They underline our will to improve our client well-being and satisfaction, especially by the new cottage quarter.

“The reorganization of the landscape area of the new cottage quarter is based on one simple but however strong idea: to offer a view on the Albères massif to the whole accommodation zone.

The realization relies on the creation of small private gardens opening onto a large space: a great garden is a true invitation to have a walk and relax.

To aim our goal, we proceed to the planting of carefully chosen Mediterranean plants: Olive trees, citrus fruit trees, palm tree, regionals plants which were does not only predominate the notion of beauty but also ecological standard: the “limited watering”. (…)

Small pieces of garden offered to each accommodation, until the rethinking of the space, the whole concept has been to satisfy our clientele by bringing a great added value in the landscape.”

Camping pitch officiel magazine, Feb. 2013
Le Dauphin, Camping 4 stars, Argelès sur Mer (66).

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