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Every week discover Capoeira, with a free introduction at the Dauphin campsite.

Come to the poolside to watch, learn and try this beautiful sport that comes from Brazil.

Capoeira is accessible to all:

Once a week for 1h, these introduction classes for beginners or advanced students are accessible to all from the age of 8.

What is it?

Capoeira mixes dance and fighting, and all this to music with a festive rhythm.

Between acrobatic moves, high kicks, and ducks, express your body with esthetic moves.

In capoeira, we sing traditional Brazilian songs in Portuguese, we clap our hands and dance to the rhythm of the percussions.

It’s a sharing of energy and a moment of togetherness.

No need to be flexible or strong to have fun, capoeira is a game and it can suit everyone.

If you have always wanted to let yourself go or find your inner child, this is the time to really go for it.

Let your curiosity embark you on this surprising journey, the heat of Brazil will leave you smiling.

Capoeira as an evening show :

You’ll also find Capoeira at our V.I.P. and IBIZA evenings at the water park.

Music and a festive atmosphere are on the menu, under the starry Dauphin sky…

Take part in capoeira during the evening, and share these delightful moments with those around you, your friends, family, and us of course 🙂

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