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Covid-19 Wonder Plan

Dear friends,

We are facing this unprecedented challenge together, and we are also going to have a wonderful time together. To make this possible, we are getting everything ready to welcome you in complete safety in the grand nurturing nature of Le Dauphin. We are redoubling our efforts and making full use of our imagination to provide you with well-being during your stay and allow you to take full advantage of our gardens as you enjoy the wide range of activities on offer and the lovely evenings filled with simple pleasures.

Our estate provides you with wide open spaces and a beautiful connection to Nature, so dear to our hearts, all for your wellbeing.

In order to allow you to book now with complete peace of mind, our new cancellation guarantee makes you feel secure by providing you with the possibility to cancel your stay up to the day of your stay ! 

To make your stay easier, you will be asked for a Covid Pass “only once” at your arrival, valid for the whole duration of your stay. You will have access to all the services (swimming pools, bar, restaurant…) during the entirety of your stay

The whole team at Le Dauphin looks forward to taking care of you.

Here are the measures we have put in place to welcome you safely in the Nature of Le Dauphin:


In collaboration with the Fédération Nationale de l’Hôtellerie de Plein Air, we have built a detailed health protocol which will be applied rigorously to the entire sector and to all of our services to ensure that you can enjoy your stay in complete safety.

Here are the initial commitments we have made :

I. To ensure the implementation of the government’s anti-COVID 19 directives and guidelines.

II. To make disinfectant products available in all common areas. To put up signs encouraging guests to keep proper distance between them in the waiting areas and to hold all activities outdoors to the extent possible.

III. To perform enhanced cleaning and disinfection of the common areas in accordance with the requirements and recommendations of the health authorities.

IV. To provide enhanced cleaning and ventilation of all accommodation. To favour wet cleaning and disinfection methods.

V. Ventilate the accommodation for several hours between occupants, following an enhanced



VII.  To respect a period of vacancy between bookings in order to provide maximum downtime.  

VIII. To ensure compliance of the activities programmes (adults, children and teens) and the evenings (as well as the opening of services and facilities) with the health requirements (regular cleaning of equipment, social distancing, hand sanitizer, reduced number of participants).

IX. Respect the social distancing measures on the part of employees, providers and clients

 (wear a mask if social distancing is not possible).

X. To respect the guidelines for preventative measures between employees, service providers and clients.

XI. Ensure clear communication on all preventive measures implemented in our establishment.

XII. To appoint a health and safety manager within our establishment.

Covid-19 Wonder Plan 1
Covid-19 Wonder Plan 2
Covid-19 Wonder Plan 3


Here is a broad overview of the activities that we have re-designed for you during your stay at Le Dauphin this summer, based on the themes “be amazed”, “push yourself”, “be re-invigorated” :



In order to give the children more space, we’ll only be offering “outdoor activities” in Louis’ Garden! 

Playing outdoors is a great way to have fun in small groups while still respecting social distancing. We will ensure that the appropriate health protocol is respected (number of children, proper distance, routine cleaning of equipment, hand sanitizer).

Indeed, our activity leaders, with the help of Cisco, have come up with open-air activities to make this possible. These activities, such as land art and scavenger hunts, are centred on interaction and creativity and incorporate riddles and fun games, all while respecting appropriate distance and number of children per activity.

Interactive activities will be organised throughout your stay to keep this bond alive.

This year, our mascot Vicky will be in both “show-off” and “hide-and-seek” mode. She will remain discreet, but she’ll still be there. Like the staunch defender of nature that she is, Vicky will only be hugging the trees this year, but the children will still be delighted to see her.

Your kids will also be thrilled to dance at their campsite or on the deck – our activity leaders will come by for this purpose during you stay!

Covid-19 Wonder Plan 4
Covid-19 Wonder Plan 5


Activities for teenagers will be organised in this same spirit of wide-open spaces and nature in order to encourage interaction while respecting social distancing and appropriate health standards. The activities will include the games and challenges that teenagers love most – picture rallies, werewolves, canyoning trips…


In order to make sure you have a good time, we are dividing each evening up into several sessions. Why are we doing this? To create wonderful evenings by splitting the guests up into smaller groups rather than holding a large gathering. Plus, you will also be able to participate in activities directly from your campsite or your front porch.

A few examples of our Musical Theme Parties:

  • A concert set in the heart of nature near your accommodation.

  • A musical quiz by the thatched gazebos

  • A dance medley by the poolside

  • Karaoke on the patio 

  • Various surprises and a live concert across the resort

A “Well-Being” Theme Evening:

  • A storytelling workshop with marshmallows “under the stars”

  • A night-time nature discovery outing with Joseph (wildlife discovery and observation in explorer mode)

  • A letting-go workshop for re-energizing sleep

  • A journey through the sounds of Tibetan bowls

Covid-19 Wonder Plan 6
Covid-19 Wonder Plan 7
Covid-19 Wonder Plan 8


Weekly activities for 20 to 30 people, with respect for social distancing, health standards and the outdoors

  • Nature workshops: guided nature tour to discover the wildlife/Nesting box workshop/Insect discovery workshop with Stéphanie

  • Yoga sessions: Vitality Yoga/Relaxation Yoga

  • Introduction to Qigong

  • Meditation Discovery Workshops: Self-relaxation/Gentle meditation/The Tree and the Shaman

  • Dances & Wellness: Get into the dance/Follow your rhythm

  • Nutrition & Vitality Workshop: Learn how to boost your immune system (by Valérie)

  • Outing to discover the region and local products: Discover the 800 olive trees growing on an estate a few short steps from Le Dauphin/Wine tour in Paulilles.

  • A bath in nature: reconnect with Nature and discover the thousands of plants working for you at Le Dauphin.

Covid-19 Wonder Plan 9
Covid-19 Wonder Plan 10


Weekly activities for 20 to 30 people, with respect for social distancing, health standards and the outdoors

  • Guided hikes with Killian:

    ∞ Collioure: family hike along the coast

    ∞ Laroque: discover this beautiful village and its history

    ∞ Trails through the Albères for the more experienced hikers

  • Bike tours: Family ride along the coast/Mountain bike tour with Jérôme for more experienced cyclists

  • Fitness with your coach Julien: fitness trail, step aerobics, abs & glutes, muscle strengthening, zumba

  • Guided power walk

  • Beginner’s Archery, Beginner’s Capoeira, Dance

  • Boules competition

  • Weekly land art challenge and other puzzles

Covid-19 Wonder Plan 11
Covid-19 Wonder Plan 12



Covid-19 Wonder Plan 13

Our water park features large beaches: 7,000 m2 in total and a 1,300 m2 swimming area – an invaluable space in this context that allows distances to be respected.

The use of chlorine represents an additional advantage since it is able to eliminate the virus; enhanced cleaning measures are also applied to this area.

As part of our health and safety plan, we will monitor the chlorine level during the day in order to guarantee your safety. We will also perform an enhanced disinfection of the beaches and deckchairs before the start of each day. Finally, we will supply disinfectant so that you can clean your deckchair before each use. 


Covid-19 Wonder Plan 14

As you enjoy the fresh air in our outdoor huts, our masseuses will make sure to comply with all the health and safety rules (deep cleaning after each massage) in order to provide you with attentive care in the heart of nature.


Covid-19 Wonder Plan 15

Our restaurant is reinventing itself to adapt to the new safety regulations by proposing a catering service and delivery straight to your pitch.  

A new table layout has also been implemented on the patios to provide you with more space and privacy. Upon reservation, it is also possible to dine as a couple or as a family in the water park.


Covid-19 Wonder Plan 16

Our dear Gaby has arranged everything to ensure your safety (distance, contactless payment…) so that you can enter this beautiful grocery store in the best possible conditions. Gaby will also hold tastings of local products.


Covid-19 Wonder Plan 17

Dear friends,

This year more than ever, we want to take care of you. As you know, we have complete trust in you, which is why we have decided to get rid of the deposit in order to lighten the administrative burden; all you have to do is pay your balance beforehand.

As soon as you arrive, we’ll provide you with a warm welcome in the fresh outdoors as you immerse yourself in the Nature of Le Dauphin.


In order to provide you with all of the information relative to your stay at Le Dauphin, we have put everything together on this application:

✓ Events schedule

✓ Evenings schedule

✓ Registrations for activities and outings

✓ Weekly challenges

✓ Restaurant menus and orders

One simple application that you can download to your phone

Covid-19 Wonder Plan 18

The entire team at Le Dauphin is looking forward to welcoming you and taking care of you in our Unique Nature.