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The new layout of the Dauphin campsite’s water park was the object of an article in the 2014 October issue of OT magazine (Official Campsite magazine) entitled “Landscape gardening, above and beyond the choice of plants…”.

For us, it’s also the opportunity to thank all the people that took part and brought to life this beautiful project:

Thank you to our manager Paul, who, surrounded by our landscaper Christophe Fréry, worked hard on this new achievement, always looking to satisfy his clients. A big thank you for the work provided by Philip, Mourad, Gilles, Jacky, Daniel, Mayin, Loïc, our technical and gardening teams, and our dear friend Mano who helped us. A big thank you also to our fathers, Claude & Claude, always there for us.

This team work enabled us to unify a 7000m² water parks, by harmonising its presentation and ambiances.

Here is quote from the article:

“The landscaping of a campsite’s water park is not just about decorative choice, but more about giving a sense to this space for the holiday-makers.”

A project turned towards the holiday-makers:

“…The clients, the users, are often looking for a place for relaxing, farniente, swimming, and enjoyment, to forget the nuisances of everyday life. It’s often by listening to the client’s feedback that we are able to discern what brings them well-being.”

Giving the space a purpose:

“…It’s like telling a story. The concept becomes the heart of a project, which answers the following questions: Is a water park just a place to swim and sunbathe on a deckchair? Or, can we dream of a different space, a unique space that sets us apart?”

Christophe: “We also aimed the preserve certain views and conceal others, so as to avoid a global view of the park, and allow for surprises as one makes its way through it. The view onto the fun Dolphin-shaped pool is open in a way that highlights it in the space. For the decor, we chose to evoke an exotic atmosphere, with palm trees, bamboos and straw huts.”

Paul: « The idea was to renovate by creating continuity, but also to anticipate on various future projects, like the opening of the water park onto other campsite services.”

It’s in a privileged setting, that Paul wishes to offer more and more comfort and ease to his clientele, to insure the well-being of each and every client.

Source: OT magazine n°338 October 2014 « Sur le Terrain- Parcs Aquatiques »


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