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Creative Play Park


The new Cottage Park area offers a pedestrian only zone and a play area which will entice your children to creative and imaginative play.

A pedestrianised area for fun and dreams

This is a fun yet magical space which enables both parents and children alike to enjoy the benefits of creative play alongside Nature at its best.
This area means you know your children are secure and they can be free to enjoy nature.



  • Water games of all types ( sprinklers, water baths, sprays..)
  • Construction games, made from wood, to create on site with little rafts and fairies…..
  • Story cabins for children to chill out and rest whilst listening to lovely stories
  • Circuits for marbles, cars, spinning top arenas, fairy house…
    Wooden games, kappa, giant mikado…
  • Space for acrobatics, outside kitchen, shadow play games
  • Sensory games : smell and touch the natural world​

Enjoy this garden area where you can have fun, shine, smile and imagine together! There is nothing quite like re-discovering the mind of a chid or creating experiences together with a child

This unique place will fill your children with wonder, and you as well…