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Be re-invigorated !


What can be more invigorating than being immersed in Nature? Many would claim that being immersed in Nature is the real secret of natural health! Allowing yourself to re-connect with the natural world refreshes and renews both body and spirit.
Le Dauphin brings you to the heart of this natural well-being and refreshment. 

Nature makes you feel good

Benefits come simply by being in a natural environment. You don’t need to do anything specific, just breathe, listen and feel the vegetation around you. There are just so many plants at Le Dauphin, each one does its job and works to bring you well-being and enliven all the senses.

Take a walk, smelling the flowers, the plants, the magic of a garden in which it’s good to live. 

Why not try walking with bare feet in the grass allowing you to connect with the ground? These natural things we so often forget with the multitude of daily activities….it’s good to get back to natural living. 

The water

Swim to immerge your body in a mass of water with the massaging jets, water fountains and bubbles to gently relax the muscles. 

The countryside 

It brings a different perspective with the view of the mountains and their foothills, Les Albères which are ever present and encourage you to breathe deeply. “The head in the mountains and the feet in the water” (translating a well-used local expression) is perhaps one of the most invigorating experiences possible as it allows us to experience the grandeur of the space and slow down time. This is something which we all need to do from time to time. It’s good for our health and helps us to remember we need to take care of ourselves and pay attention to our inner self and well-being. 

The workshops 

It’s about taking care of yourself and getting back to yourself, to the simple things that touch you. There are also workshops on offer to nurture this sense of well-being: yoga, bike rides, massages, DIY workshops, slow living, discovering the botanical trail… And don’t forget that bathing in nature is the most profound element of all, the one best able to immerse you naturally in relaxation and rejuvenation.