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Be amazed !


Nature fascinates us because, somehow, it offers us pleasure which is both simple and beautiful at the same time. Here, at Le Dauphin, the natural world is highlighted and given pride of place in order to help us to be touched by this wonder. 

Have you ever watched a child looking at the world around him or her? Yes, surely- a long line of ants carrying their food, clouds in the sky forming wonderful shapes and patterns or maybe a squirrel, peacefully chewing on a nut…

The light which shines in their eyes is magic!

At Le Dauphin, everything is aimed at ensuring we see things with “the open eyes of a child”.

Le Dauphin is like a big flower filled garden which opens it’s gates to you, and invites you in, to contemplate nature in all its beauty. A games area, a wooden cabin, a vegetable plot, trees, water in all its forms, loads of plants…gaze freely and be charmed. 

It’s a chance to see your child flourish and bloom and, even better, flourish with your child as you share those simple, yet great moments together.

Discovering the pleasures of water, the sensation of being snuggled up in a soft blanket in the form of a dolphin, going out together on a guided walk to discover the beauty of the coast, the magic of an evening at the illuminated water park, the ambience of a meal together on the terrace … These pleasures can all be enjoyed and shared with the natural world surrounding you. 

There are things such as the sight of a child gazing in wonder which bring immediate pleasure. It’s maybe less evident to realise and appreciate all that surrounds us and can bring so many benefits to the individual. 

How precious is the love we feel and see from those those we love, our children, our families, our friends. In the world of today we need to acknowledge the immense and extraordinary value of all these things which contribute to our fulfilment and durability. 

Dream, contemplate, live in all the serenity which the natural vegetation and human interaction offers. We invite you to share this at Le Dauphin.