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You won’t find one of these in other campsites in Argelès!

At Le Dauphin we have more than 200 different varieties of plants and, each week, Paul our director, will lead those wishing to discover more, on the trail around the area where these plants are to be found.

Having decided to come to Argelès sur Mer for a holiday, to get away from the hustle and bustle of normal daily life, to be with your family, to have a rest, you can still learn something new, find pleasure in different activities, visit new places. It is all these sorts of things that help us to unwind. We believe that one of the best ways, is to get closer to the natural environment. Nature possesses « therapeutic properties simply by being there ». It has natural benefits and that is why, for us, it is so important to offer opportunities to further appreciate it.

Paul’s passion

From his very early childhood, Paul lived on the campsite and was surrounded by its natural environment. It was when he took over from his parents that this interest developed into what is today, a passion for plants and the natural world.

He will tell the story of the development of this aspect of the campsite and as he guides you along the trail, describe the different plants, how and why they were chosen and why they are located each in its specific place.

Because he is so committed to nature, he wants to share his enthusiasm with you, so, once a week, there will be the opportunity for you to understand his passion. Find out more by reading this article: « A passion which combines plants and camping »


Le Dauphin’s botanical Trail

Each year, Paul and his team, work to ensure the ongoing development of the gardens in a way which enhances the natural environment. The purpose of the trail is two-fold – to help people learn more about nature and, in so doing, relax. These 200+ carefully selected plants are just the beginning of the journey. Each year, at Camping Le Dauphin, we aim to further enrich the environment and your well being as a result.

Some of the plants involved are: Callicarpa bodinieri, Lonicera tatrica, Kerria japonica, Cassia corymbosa, Phyllirea latifolia, Indigofera gerardiana, Solanum rantonetti … The complete list is too long to include here!

As you walk amongst the plants you will not just learn, but sense the atmosphere and be drawn into the peace and calm that the plants evoke.
The trail is fun, it’s easy, you can follow it on your own, with your family, with friends and be at one with nature. A botanical trail or a chance to breathe freely; use your senses and take time for yourself and let the natural world surround you.

Something extra special
A Kitchen Garden open to you and your children

During your botanical trail, you will come across a real kitchen garden which will be the location for….
• Super workshops for the children: planting, watering, learning and maybe tasting fruits and vegetables……
And for the adults:
• Learning about different herbs, taking cuttings and propagating
• Smoothie making workshop using fruits from the kitchen garden
• Cocktail workshops (notably the mojito using mint, freshly picked from the garden)

Le Dauphin’s botanical Trail 1

There will be something for everyone to enjoy as part of this new opportunity, only to be found at Camping Le Dauphin.

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