An environmentally sensitive campsite in South of France in a natural haven


It’s right at the heart of a Mediterranean park that our environmentally sensitive campsite was created in South of France, Argeles sur Mer. Harmony with nature is central to all our plans for the Dauphin.

When something new is planned, this is always borne in mind along with the need to ensure something new integrates well into the landscape.

The choice of materials, the plants, methods of watering and opportunities for recycling – these steps to respect the environment are demonstrations of our love of Nature. From the Lodge Tents to the Cottage mobile homes, the whole range of accommodation are within the natural haven.

Nature is what keeps us going through its beauty, its diversity and its purity. For example, the colour green is relaxing, floral colours and scents are energising; To travel and live amongst plants takes us back to our roots; Are senses are re-awakened, sight; smell, touch and taste………….

It just takes a few minutes walking around the campsite to feel the benefits of Nature.

Find our more about our environmentally sensitive campsite

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