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New: the saradana dance and human pyramids at the heart of the Catalan culture are brought to you at the Dauphin campsite with our special Catalan evening.

After a delicious and 100% Catalan meal, discover the human pyramids, the Catalan dance named sardana, and the famous Catalan “pourou”!

The Catalan dance: « The Sardana »

Give in the the charm of the sardana: the distinctive dance of the area. It is our pleasure to introduce you to the catalan dances, full of emotions and evocative of the history of Catalogne.

Twelve passionate dancers welcome you into a pleasant atmosphere and teach you the first steps of the saradana!


The human pyramids « the Castells »

A spectacular moment awaits you with the human pyramids that are a real art practiced by those that we call « the Castells ». All the bodies together as a cascade form a human tower.

It is a beautiful physical exercise that gives birth to a real harmony between the participants.

Castell means castle in Catalan; it’s the incredible visual created by the cascade of people that form the pyramid.

There will be 30 castells present just for you at the Catalan evening!

The casteliers have a saying: « Força, Equilibri, Valor i Seny » this means “Strength, balance, wisdom and good sense”.

The castells will then treat us to an initiation at the end of the show: a moment to share full of laughter and good humor!

“The Catalan pourou” with Muscat

Learn to taste our Muscat, natural sweet wine from our region, with the famous Catalan pourou!!

For those of you that have never tried it, get ready to laugh out loud. It is an unmissable experience that is both fun and convivial.

The entire Dauphin team is happy to share these great moments with you.

The entire Dauphin team is happy to share these great moments with you.

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