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This is the story of a young man in love, who wanted to offer a magical night to his loved-one during their stay at our campsite.

This story was so touching; I just have to tell it to you.

This young man made a special request. He wanted to organize a top quality meal for a special and unique evening: just for her.

We immediately thought it must be for a special occasion: a birthday, a particular date to celebrate. But it was none of those; he simply wanted to make her happy, to see her eyes sparkle, all for Love.

He was so eager to surprise her and see her face light up

We were very touched by his enthusiasm and determination to make his other half even happier for this one evening.

The mission was set and we would rise to the challenge:

« to create an unforgettable moment for two people in love »

The magical setting: the light up water park

  • The exotic atmosphere: the beautiful thatched hut
  • The meal: gastronomic, home made from the appetizers to the dessert, with champagne and a range of wines…
  • The service: their own personal waiter for the evening at the water park
  • To accentuate the effect of surprise: we picked the sweethearts up by golf cart directly on their pitch, and blindfolded the lady until reaching the water park…

Once she saw the water park under the colours of the setting sun, the dressed table, the beautiful backdrop, and all the attention that was put into it…her eyes did indeed shine, and so much more…

I saw them; I was the one that picked them up in the golf cart 🙂

We want to thank this lovely couple, as it is thanks to them that the sweethearts hut is now open at the Dauphin campsite!

Thank you also to the restaurant team for their involvement, Christelle and Philippe the chef that comes especially for romantic hut dinners: a true delight.
We also thank Philip, our technical director, who ensures the perfect lighting of the hut and the pools…
Thank you to all that take part in the creation of these magical moments.

With all our devotion,


Marketing Director

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